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Our Consultants

Our network of international consultants has a long history of serving many local, national and international companies, governments, non-government agencies, non-profits, and institutions of higher education to face and conquer their business challenges of the 21st century. 


At Joanne C. Preston & Associates, we understand that your concerns are unique and we begin by really understanding the needs of the leaders and the organization.  We work as a partner with you and your leaders to create a shared vision of the future that transcends present issues and takes your organization to a results-oriented and realistic business model that meets today’s demands. Our team believes in the education and the development of our clients so that they can move confidently forward. We bring the training, knowledge and social media to give your management group the skills needed to create your vision.


Regardless of project size, we have the team for your situation to determine and deliver the best services to achieve your goals while keeping your team running efficiently and profitably.  Explore our capabilities to learn more about what we can do for your team or for you personally as the key leader of your enterprise.

Dr. Joanne C. Preston

Dr. Preston is an internationally recognized management consultant who specializes in organizational development across large, complex systems.  She provides viable solutions and management development breakthroughs for major corporations and family business that focus on measurable outcomes and results.


Her clients have included IBM, Arthur Anderson & Company, Monsanto, Philip Morris, Wendy's, Esmark, Bank of America, and many others, all of whom have engaged Joanne for her ability to bring about positive change and direction.  She has demonstrated her ability to resolve difficult business issues in clear, actionable ways that advance her client's organizations to embrace and accept needed change.


Joanne enjoys management challenges in which there exist cross-functional teams, including executive, middle, and line management that need to demonstrate forward strategic thinking in family business, non-profit, government and NGOs.  She frequently involves executives in open systems planning and transorganization development at the organizational and national levels to include culture change, organizational learning, organizational effectiveness, knowledge management and self-designing organizations.


She enjoys a multinational involvement with her clients and has worked with companies, as well as governments, in Japan, China, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and UAE.  She has worked at high community levels with President Carter and his Atlanta Project as well as with David Cooperrider’s Imagine Chicago project.  Her personal involvement with Lech Walesa and Nelson Mandela during their presidencies included personal coaching of these two recognized leaders to develop their strategizing and influencing skills that greatly impacted the acceptance of Solidarity in Poland and the development of the new Constitution for the South African Parliament.  She has been in Kenya working with Daniel Moi and Presidents of Africa to establish tribal peace and non-violent change in Africa.


Joanne received her Ph.D. and MA in Psychology from Louisiana State University.  A former Professor of Organizational Development at the prestigious Pepperdine University in Culver City, California and recently the University Dean of the Doctorate of Management, Colorado Technical University. Joanne has more than 40 years of organizational development and management development consulting experience with governments, business and industry plus community interventions domestically, in developing countries and NGOs.


She was recognized in 1994 as the Outstanding Organizational Development Consultant of the Year by the Organizational Development Institute for her work in Global Change.  Joanne is the Editor of the Organizational Development Journal.  She has been listed every year since 1997 in the Who's Who of International Professionals.

Dr. Terry R. Armstrong

Terry R. Armstrong is a Social Scientist and Philosopher interested primarily in critical thinking, applied ethics, and organizational change and development. Besides being a Management Professor he has served as the: Director of the Arrupe Program in Social Ethics for Business, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University; Director of the Global Marketing Program at Emerson College; and Director of the MBA Program at the University of West Florida. Terry advises CEOs, Sr. Executives and Managers on a wide range of issues including: strategy, operations, innovation, ethics, and organization change & development. He has been active in the Academy of Management for over 25 years and has been Chair of the Management Consulting Division. He has served several stints as editor of the Organization Development Journal and edited or co-authored several books on the environmental crisis, power & authority, and management. He received his B.A., from the University of Kansas in Philosophy and his Ph.D. in Social Science and Philosophy from the Union Graduate School (Union Institute). He has 40 years experience as a consultant to over 100 organizations in 13 countries.

Dr. David W. Jamieson

Dr. Jamieson is Professor & Department Chair, Organization Learning & Development, College of Education, Leadership & Counseling at the University of St. Thomas and is President of the Jamieson Consulting Group, Inc. He has consulted to organizations on leadership, change, strategy, design and human resource issues. He is a Past National President of the American Society for Training and Development (1984) and Past Chair of the Management Consultation Division of the Academy of Management (1996). He has always been a scholar-practitioner with over 30 years of teaching, over 40 years of consulting, 7 books, 12 chapters, numerous articles and 4 editorial boards. Dave was recently the recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organization Development Network.

Dr. James M. (Mike) McCoy

Dr. McCoy is a seasoned consultant with highly developed client interaction skills.  He performed over 35 years of direct operational and management consulting support to a wide array of U. S. government organizations; applying his honed skills in active listening and the ability to tailor innovative solutions to meet unique client needs.  Mike has received organizational awards, both national and regional, for his successful parctitioner record of tackling tough problems with well-crafted and pragmatic recommendations.  He adopts a crafted and practical approach while partnering with clients to discover the most effective and collaborative way ahead.


Mike has held numerous leadership positions as a career U. S. Coast Guard officer as well as fifteen years leading Booz Allen Hamilton task, team and market efforts for a variety of technology-based national security clients. Mike received his Doctorate in Management from Colorado Technical University. He also holds master's degrees in Strategic Intelligence, Business Administration and Organizational Development.  Mike recently completed certification as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner (Black Belt) from Georgetown University.

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